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A Guide To Transgender & Cross-dresser Supplies

Crossdresser shopping can be enticing and fun if you know how to go about it, but it can be a frustrating experience if you do not know where and what to look for. You should remember that a normal men’s or women’s store can't double up as a cross-dresser or transgender store, compared to a “traditional” store. A crossdresser supplies store has to specialize in completely different types of attire which conventional stores will not be able to provide, as you may or may not have discovered already. For example: Shoes, Breast forms, Gaffs, and Clothing Sizes.

While choosing, you might want to seek some advice from people who have already gone throught the trials and tribulations of this adventure. You should also trust your instincts. For the new crossdresser, it is usually difficult to know what to buy, since males are obviously different from females – especially regarding sizes. Thus, you have to learn a little and do some trial and error. Don't feel badly about this, because we've all been there! Check the articles to the left for some helpful articles, resources, and videos we've found to be the most helpful. Our simple advice is to just dive right in and start exploring items that you like. Let us offer you a few quick tips to make your shopping is convenient and economic.

We think that the first important thing to figure out is your size. There is a huge difference between male and female sizes. For instance, 4, 6, 8, and 10 are female sizes that do not exist in male categories. The male size of 36 is where the sizes start, the corresponding female size of which is 12. However, there is a difference of about 3 inches in every corresponding size in regards to waist. A size 20 would be ideal for a female with a waist of 33 inches but the similar corresponding waistline for men would be 36 or 38 inches.

Although there can be a lot of trial and error for the beginner crossdresser or transgender, it will all be worth it once you figure out your male-to-female size. Then…all your clothes and shoes shopping will become much easier! You might also know that women are regarded as tall at 5 feet 7 inches, while men are regarded as tall when they are above 5 feet 11 inches. This proves helpful when determining the length of the clothes for which you're shopping. You don't want something you thought would be knee-high to end up being crotch-high. Or maybe you do :)

Apart from that, you have to focus on the style, design, fabric and/or material and the colors that you wish to indulge in. Colors are also an important factor with makeup, but we’ll get to that in an article that will be (or might be now) posted in the crossdressing articles listed on the bottome-left column of each shopping page. There are also books and tutorial guides on our store that will provide a newbie with a plethora of information.

We highly recommend the infamous guide book, "Miss Vera's Cross-Dress-For-Success: A Resource Guide For Boys Who Want To Be Girls".