Amber's Advice

Male to Female Crossdressing Virgins
By Amber

So you’re thinking about crossdressing for the first time in public, and of course, that voice in your head is screaming, “Will I pass?!” Well, why shouldn’t you pass? It may take some work, but it will be well worth it. Make some friends who crossdress if you haven’t already, and start learning by example. You’ll feel much more at peace knowing you have a good support system when you need a boost of confidence or advice on picking out the right outfit.

Firstly, you need to know your body and how to keep its proportion. Purchase a good breast form to show some cleavage. When people see that you have great cleavage it will be hard for a stranger to assume you’re a male. Keep your breasts well-proportioned. If they are too large they could easily cause suspicion. You want to look as natural as possible, which is why it’s also important to create natural-looking curves. Wearing a dress with a cinched waist is the easiest way to add shape to a boxy figure. It can be as simple as adding a belt. However, women don’t go out wearing dresses every day, especially in the colder weather. A great pair of jeans and a feminine top will pair well with a fitted blazer or cardigan. Flat shoes and knee-high boots are way more comfortable and allow you to pull off a casual look. Remember, you’re not trying to stand out; you’re trying to blend in.

Do not overdue it on the makeup! Seriously, when do you see a female wearing bright blue eye shadow and red lipstick at the park? As I said earlier you want to look natural, so take it easy. Use the right shade of foundation to cover up any unwanted blemishes and stubble. Check out some videos and tutorials on the proper way to apply makeup. A subtle smoky eye is always a good bet, as well as shades of brown. Unless you are in drag, stay away from bright colors and anything that sparkles. I have seen too many people try to pass as women but they give it away with this ridiculous makeup. A bit of pink blush or bronzer is great to bring out the contours of your face, and a light shade of lipstick or gloss will do the trick. Use what works for your features to bring out your eyes, hair, or brighten up your skin.

Growing your hair out is obviously the best way to pass as a woman but to get the look temporarily, invest in a quality wig. A wig with bangs is always a great way to go because it will act as a disguise to your hairline where the wig starts. Choose a wig in a shade closest to your real hair color to ensure that it will look realistic. Also, don’t be afraid to rock a short hairstyle. Many women are pulling off an edgy, yet feminine pixie cut, so why can’t you? Figure out what works with your face, and even go ahead and ask for advice from a stylist or a close friend.

Speaking of hair, if you want to pass for a woman, you should remove all visible body hair. If your hair is not too coarse you can probably get away with shaving your chest, legs, and underarms. For most men, body hair grows much thicker than it does for women. If you’ve tried shaving or even other at-home hair-removal options like Nair and still have trouble getting rid of thick stubble, your next option is waxing. Find a good salon in your area that specializes in waxing, and don’t be nervous about walking in there. Waxing salons cater to people of all genders. Yes, it is a bit pricey, and very painful, but it will be worth it when you have such smooth, feminine skin. Your eyebrows can really make or break you. If you are trying to pass as a woman at all times, go for a thin brow with a bit of an arch. You’ll have to tell your waxer that this is the look you’re going for. If you are switching back and forth between male and female, then go for something a bit more gender neutral. Clean up the edges of your brows and add a very slight arch so you can go either way.

If you want to be a real lady, pamper yourself a little. Give yourself a good manicure. Fake nails are great but can’t be taken off and it is very simple to clean up your cuticles and apply nail polish on your own. Small touches like this will be sure to convince anyone that you are a woman. Accessories can do this for you as well. Even just a nice, feminine necklace, charm bracelet, or a ring will work perfectly, but of course not all at once.

You’re going to need to hide the boys if you’re going to convince anyone that your girls are real. Practice tucking until it’s perfect. Then find a gaff that works for you. This is very important, as it will hide your package, and it will be a lot less painful than using tape. They happen to be super cute, too!

The hardest part about crossdressing is not getting the right look, it is developing the right attitude and having confidence in yourself. Choose a place where you feel comfortable going for the first time, and try to have someone with you. Maybe go out to breakfast or lunch. If you go earlier in the day it will be less crowded and help you relax a bit. If you still don’t think you’re ready for that, try going out to the grocery store early in the morning. This is great because there will be very few people around, meaning less odd glances from strangers. A great trick that I learned is to print out and laminate a fake ID badge with your picture on it so that anyone who sees you will just assume you are a woman running errands on her way into work. Don’t be nervous or afraid of what people will think because none of that matters. Even if you see someone looking at you there’s no need to freak out. We all look at other people when we go out in public, but it doesn’t mean we’re judging them.

If someone does notice, then it’s still no big deal. Just have fun and relax. Your gender identity does not define who you are but your personality does. So stand up tall with a smile on your face and be proud of whom you are and the way you look.