Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs)

Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs)
Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs) (click images to enlarge)

Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs)


Description of Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs)

Our store for transgenders and crossdressers presents to you the Deep Stealth Ultimate Survival Kit (10 Discs) at the lowest price!

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Product Features

Deep Stealth's ultimate resource for transwomen, this package contains all our videos to date!
FINDING YOUR FEMALE VOICE: The time-tested voice video used by thousands and thousands of women.
The program comes with an audio CD of 54 exercises for practice in the car or away from your video player, and those with internet access may download an optional 34 page digital (PDF) booklet of illustrations, exercises and advice at
FYFV AUDIO CD: 54 audio exercises on CD.
VOICE SPECTROGRAM VIDEO: How to set up and use a free voice spectrogram to work on your voice visually.
BECOMING YOU MAKEUP VIDEO: Our in-depth look at makeup theory and application for real-world situations like work and day-to-day life.
BECOMING YOU APPLICATIONS VIDEO: Watch Calpernia apply makeup from start to finish on three different transwomen.
COMING OUT DISC 01: Andrea James and Calpernia Addams lay out the basics of transition to help a loved one understand, or help you organize your thoughts.
COMING OUT DISC 02: Andrea James and Helen Boyd discuss coming out to a spouse, s/o, and family.
COMING OUT DISC 03: Andrea and Dr. Randi Ettner discuss deeper issues like preparing yourself for transition/coming out as well as your family and job.FFS WITH DR. OUSTERHOUT/VISIT TO COCCOON HOUSE: Andrea talks about facial feminization surgery with Dr. Ousterhout and tours the popular recovery center.
CONVERSATION WITH CALPERNIA: Andrea interviews actress, author, activist and war veteran Calpernia Addams about her life and career.

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