Fake Breasts

Fake breasts are as important as any other cross-dressing feature you'll need in your tranny arsenal. Although not for everyone, we like this durable, realistic, high-quality, medical-grade, silicone fake breasts plate for crossdressers. Click Here to view this amazing, durable fake breast plate.

Of course, the above breast plate isn't for every crossdresser since many prefer breast forms that are smaller and glued on. Below is a very basic video for crossdressers who would like basic information about using a bra and breast form.

NOTE: The crossdresser in the above video didn't apply adhesive and depends only on the bra to keep the breast forms in place. Probably not a good idea, unless you're just dressing up at home. Nothing worse than a boob popping out and rolling across the floor at your favorite restaurant! LOL :)
If you need adhesive -- and you will -- then just click here for a good one.